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Deadpool: Killustrated Vol 1 2


Deadpool: Killustrated Vol 1 2

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Quote1 Hrrrgh... I don't get it ...I killed Spider-Man... the Avengers... The X-Men.. Is it me... or should I be having an easier time with these dusty old classics? Maybe it's time to face the facts, Wade ...If you're gonna kill a universe... ...You just can't go it alone. Quote2
-- Dreadpool

Appearing in "Strong Temptations-Strategic Movements-the Innocents Beguiled"Edit

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Solicit Synopsis:Edit

• Deadpool continues slaughtering all your favorite literary characters!
• Tom Sawyer slashed in TWAIN! The Little Women’s throats MAY get ALL-CUT!
• Why read a book when you can watch a book DIE?!?

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