Deadpool's katanas are a set of sharpened swords composed of steel. He is able to charge his katanas with an energy field through his suit, increasing the durability of his swords and increasing their cutting power to the point that they can easily cut through objects as hard as diamond [2].

Due to his extensive training in martial arts, Wade Wilson mastered kenjutsu at a level beyond that of the finest human athlete, as his natural abilities and mutation include superhuman reflexes and agility.[citation needed] Deadpool's swords can take a great deal of damage and still remain in excellent condition.[citation needed]

Alternate Realities

Image Description Source
Wade Wilson (Earth-10005) 002 On Earth-10005, Deadpool (Wade Wilson) wielded as pair of Katanas with supherhuman accuracy and was able to deflect bullets. After Weapon XI was completed on Three Mile Island Deadpool's katanas made of Adamantium are surgically attached to his arms to create the perfect "mutant slayer." X-Men Origins: Wolverine
(April 29, 2009)
Kidpool The katanas of Earth-10330 were two Lightsaber-like weapons Kidpool had stolen from The Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys' version of the Danger Room. Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2
Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 001 The katanas of Earth-12101's Deadpool are a set of sharpened swords composed of Carbonadium capable of deflecting powerful attacks and impacts such as bullets or explosives. Carbonadium is an element which can disrupt the Healing Factor of Mutants. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3


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  • Deadpool named his swords after his favorite actress Bea Arthur.[3]
    • Another pair was named "Hall and Oates."[4]

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