Daydra (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 112 001


Daydra was the designated Princess of the Sagittarians. When she was young, the Galaxy Master came to her world, ravaging and enslaving it.

In the following years, the Galaxy Master returned to Daydra's home world and threatened it again, but this time, he had the Abomination on his side to help him.

Daydra gathered three interstellar warriors: Amphibian, Torgo and Dark-Crawler and called them the Hulk-Hunters. Their first task was sending them to Earth to enlist the aid of the Hulk, one of Earth's champions she had heard about, to fight on her behalf against the Abomination and the Galaxy Master.[2]




Leadership, strategy and courage.


She had the military resources of her government to support herself.

An image of Daydra from Incredible Hulk #112 is reprinted in the letters page of Incredible #114, but re-colored so that Daydra is pink-skinned and red-haired; her clothes are also re-colored in orange. Another Sagittarian in the same image is re-colored with pink skin.

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