Not much of the past of Senator Thompson is known, he has been identified as being a friend of Warren Worthington Jr. the father of Warren Worthington III the mutant hero commonly known as the Angel. He would become a mutant sympathizer.[2]

A politician, he is a member of the Democratic Party and was elected senator for the state of Massachusetts.[1] In recent history he would become a member of the Senate Commission on Mutant Affairs working in the hopes of making life for mutants better. When Warren would secretly create X-Factor a group posing a mutant hunters in order to secretly train mutants how to control their powers, Thompson would learn the truth about the organization. He would confront their public relations liaison Cameron Hodge over the problems with duplicity with the group and the fact that they might not be helping human/mutant relations by the way they are operating.[2]

Thompson would later recruit X-Factor into a covert mission to infiltrate a mutant prison in Russia where grisly experiments were being conducted by it's operator, German mutant Wolfgang Heinrich. He would provide the group with CIA documents about the operation and convince them to go to Russia and destroy it.[3] Following the success of X-Factor's mission, Senator Thomas would later vote against the Mutant Registration Act.[1]

David's current activities, political or otherwise remain unrevealed.



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