David Ishima was a resident of San Francisco who became the landlord of Jessica Drew, who was secretly the superhero Spider-Woman, and her friend Lindsay McCabe. David subsequently became romantically involved with Jessica. However, when David learned Jessica was Spider-Woman, he found the news difficult to accept and they parted company.

At a later time, Jessica's friends the X-Men were staying with her for a while. During this time David took one of the X-Men, Kitty Pryde, for a night out. As they returned from their date, the X-Men came under attack by the then government super-team Freedom Force. Kitty used her phasing power to protect David from an attack by Avalanche's Earth-moving powers. During the battle, David and the then-depowered Jessica were prevented from helping their friends by the Freedom Force member Spider-Woman, who had taken on Jessica's former codename without her permission, much to her dismay.

Strength level

Normal human strength.

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