A tabloid report be trade, Dave Arnstead was convinced that there were non-human creatures living under the surface of New York. When construction on a new subway tunnel in Queens was halted due to "geological" issues, Arnstead was convinced that the mysterious creatures were to blame. Taking his case to his editor, Mr. King, Arnstead begged for King's ok to investigate the creatures for an article. While King dismissed Arnstead's talk of creatures, he did want the scoop on the halting of tunnel construction, and greenlit Arnstead's assignment to investigate the tunnels.

Borrowing scientific credentials from a contact at M.I.T., Arnstead convinced a police officer to allow him access to the tunnels. Once inside, it was not long before Arnstead stumbled across a massive creature that called itself Tragg. Tragg told Arnstead that his entire race of creatures had been devastated by years of underground atomic weapons testing, leave Tragg as the lone survivor of his species. Tragg vowed that, much as humans had wiped out his people, he would wipe out the human race, until only one human remained on Earth.

Arnstead ran from Tragg, leading the giant on a chase through the subway tunnels. As Tragg ran, he caused the surface to rumble, much like an earthquake, while destroying the supports of the tunnels. Arnstead found an abandoned subway car, and in a last ditch effort, drove the car directly into Tragg. The impact cause the monster to fall to the ground, bringing the roof down upon him. Leaving Tragg for dead, Arnstead returned to the surface, explaining away the destruction of the tunnels as "faulty supports".[1]

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