Darryl King (Earth-928)
Darryl King, better known as Fearmaster, was a member of Alchemax Corporation's Board of Directors.[3] He was in charge of the Public Eye, as well as the leader of the criminal organization called Cyber-Nostra.[4]

When the C.E.O. of Alchemax, Avatarr, killed Board of Directors Executive and C.E.O. of Eco Central Anderthorp Henton, he made Darryl King the new C.E.O. of Eco Central.[3]


He has gained a mutation from aliens, who transform slowly his body, starting by his hand, named by some The Hand of Gods. This mutation granted him Molecular and cellular control: He can alter living flesh in mineral matter (gold, mud, glass, silver..),[5][6] generate unnatural biological phenomenon such as calcification in flesh[7] or reyouth old people.[1]

He also displayed Super-strength, after a enhancement of his hand. He state to possesses a forty tons punch.[8]


Master planner and organizer, talented strategist and tactician.


Unrevealed 21st Century fabrics, plus a special glove worn on his right hand made of unknown materials immune to his superhuman power.


Vehicles owned by Alchemax, Cyber-Nostra, Eco Corporation and Public Eye.

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