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Darren has spent his life with the V-Battalion and is extremely loyal but he also wants to see the world.

Darren has assumed the mantle of his parents. Grandson of the original Human Top, Darren's powers skipped a generation, by passing his father, who had tried using mechanical means to simulate the powers of the Human Top, but eventually decided to serve the V-Battalion in a scientific capacity.

Darren has spent his life with the V-Battalion and knows he has sacrificed a lot growing up in such an isolated environment and wants to see the worlds but he loyal to the V-Battalion. Ameiko Sabuki's death greatly affected Darren and he is now unsure if he wants to remain with the V-Battalion.

After M-Day

His post-M-Day status is unknown.

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[1]


Spinning about at superhuman speeds.

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