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History of character is unknown.

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Sorcery: Though his powers have greatly diminished with age, Darklore is able to manipulate mystical energy to perform a variety of effects;

  • Mystical Blasts: Darklore can fire magical blasts.
  • Mystical Shields: Darklore can form mystical shields.
  • Dimensional Portals: Darklore can open dimensional portals.
  • Mystical Talismans: Darklore can access the energies of mystical talismans.

Former Sorcery Capabilities

  • Nether-Realms: In his youth, Darklore could gaze into and draw power and aid from nether realms.


  • Familiar: Darklore requires his familiar, Meer'lyn, to control his magical energies or they rage out of control and incapacitate him.


  • Familiar: Darklore keeps his familiar, Meer'lyn, with him at all times.
  • Creator Jim Starlin is known to recycle Names and Concepts from his Stories, between 1976 - 79 he wrote and penciled five Short Stories for Warren Publishing's Book "Eerie" about Darklon the Mystic, one of his Ancestors was Darklore II; Darklon even slightly resembles Marvel's Darklore and also misses his left Eye
  • in that same Issue Doctors Hoffstaeder and Bell and the Willwood Hospital from Warlock # 13 had Cameo Appearances, Barry Bauman was mentioned
  • the Name also slightly resembles that of (Syzygy) Darklock, the Wizard from Dreadstar who's left Eye is replaced by a Cyborg Implant, another earlier Starlin-Creation

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