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Previous Generation

unnamed + unnamed

unnamed + unknown

Current Generation

Owen + Priscilla
Anna Marie

Raven Darkholme + Victor Creed + Azazel
+ Christian Wagner (step-father)
+ Irene Adler (adopted) + Ralph Brickman + Charles Xavier
Graydon Creed Kurt Wagner Anna Marie Gloria Brickman

Irene Adler + unknown + Raven Darkholme (adopted)

Justine Chase
unknown child (possibly)

Anna Marie

Margali Szardos + Unknown
(Possibly Azazel)
Jimaine Szardos
Stephan Szardos
Kurt Wagner

Azazel + unknown + Raven Darkholme + unknown + A female demonic maggot
and a changeling in the form of a lamprey
+ unknown
(possibly adoption)
Nils Styger Kurt Wagner Kiwi Black Demon Bamfs (Adopted)



Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-797 Earth-13729 Earth-13729
Raven Darkholme + Irene Adler + Charles Xavier + James Howlett
Anna Raven Charles Xavier II Raze Darkholme

Mrs Waggoner + Mr Waggoner

Earth-295 Earth-797
Irene Adler (adopted) + Raphael-Raven Darkholme
Douglas Ramsey
Anna Raven

Second Generation

Kurt Wagner + A female demonic maggot
and a changeling in the form of a lamprey
Demon Bamfs

Justine Chase + Cole Chase
Trevor Chase

(possibly Irene's child)
+ unknown
Mrs. Aldine

Ruth Aldine's aunt

Alternate Reality Second Generation

Earth-295 Earth-811 Earth-1005 Earth-2182 Earth-41001 Earth-41001
Kurt Wagner + Linda + Amanda Sefton + unknown + Wanda Maximoff + Kymri Wagner + Wanda Maximoff
Blue Wagner Salamander Talia Wagner

T.J. Wagner
Cerise Wagner

Talia Wagner

Earth-27 Earth-295 Earth-904 Earth-1015 Earth-1022 Earth-1031 Earth-1043 Earth-9811 Earth-26111 Earth-41001
Anna Marie + Erik Lehnsherr + Erik Lehnsherr + Fandral + X-Men + Piotr Rasputin + Remy LeBeau + Erik Lehnsherr + Steven Rogers + Alexander Summers + Remy LeBeau
Magnus Lehnsherr Charles Lehnsherr 7 children unnamed children Plague Sarah Rogers

Olivier LeBeau
Rebecca LeBeau
Anne-Marie "Raina" LeBeau (adopted)

Third Generation

Mrs. Aldine
(possibly Irene's granddaughter)
+ Mr. Aldine
Luca Aldine
Ruth Aldine

Alternate Reality Third Generation

Olivier LeBeau
+ unknown (possibly Megan Summers)
unidentified child

Talia Wagner
+ John Proudstar
miscarried child

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