Quote1 In a world that has moved on ... Quote2
-- narrator

Appearing in "The Gunslinger Born 1"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Roland Deschain

Supporting Characters:

  • Vannay
  • Cort
  • Steven Deschain


  • Marten Broadcloak
  • Man in Black

Other Characters:

  • Gabrielle Deschain
  • David the hawk


  • Gilead


  • Guns of the Gunslinger

Synopsis for "The Gunslinger Born 1"Edit

During Roland Deschain's flight across the Mohaine Desert, he recalls the treachery of Marten Broadcloak, the sin of his mother, his test of manhood against his teacher Cort, and the night that followed. Includes a prose story in which Roland's teacher Vannay demonstrates to the boys the power and significance of The Beam.

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See AlsoEdit

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King


  1. Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 1 - "And Roland is seeing far too much of his mother ... her nakedness, and the love bite upon her neck, certainly not courtesy of her right husband." - narrator. pg. 15
  2. Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 1 - "when he's kicking down Cort's door, he's doing 'zactly what Marten wants him to" - narrator. pg. 16
  3. Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 1 - "Perhaps he reasons that only a man may kill another man ... and to be truly a man, one must learn to wield all weapons of manhood." - narrator. pg. 34

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