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The Dark Nebula is the home star system of the Dire Wraiths and their home planet Wraithworld. The system's sorcerous sun gave birth to the Deathwings and many still reside there awaiting the call of the Dire Wraiths. The Galadorians placed a cloak around the Dark Nebula to prevent the sorcerous rays of the Black Sun from emanating out and once again empowering the Dire Wraiths. This cloak was maintained at a battle station known as "The Keep". This station would later be attacked by Doctor Dredd and the Black Sun removed from its prison and relocated above Galador.[1]

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  • Galactus was unable to devour Wraithworld or it's Black Sun. In fact, both attempted to feed on Galactus himself.[2]
  • Wraithworld was "Neutralized" by Rom and banished to Limbo, thereby removing the source of the Dire Wraith's sorcerous abilities.[3]


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