A highly wealthy, and highly despised, man, Darius Zorn was synonymous with snobbery. Highly bigotted, Zorn was intolerant of anyone of a different race, refusing to hire any non-white worker in his factories. He also refused to be apart of any organization with even one member that practiced any religion other than his own, feeling that any other religion was inferior to his, and thus not acceptable.

After taking a vaction to Eastern Europe, Zorn noticed a forest that glowed a bright orange color. Fascinated with it, he landed and demanded that the mayor of the small country sell him the entire forest. Although hesitant at first, the mayor finally gave Zorn a deed to the forest after Zorn offered a lare amount of money.

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While entering his new forest, the local farmers of the country warned Zorn of a mysterious "man in black" who lived in the forest, and told him that the man in black promised hardship and famine on the town if anyone entered the forest. Uninterested in the concerns of those poorer than himself, Zorn brushed off the stories and moved into an abandoned estate he found in the middle of the forest.

After a visit from the man in black, who warned Zorn of the consequences of staying in the forest, the surrounding farms all suffered famine and drought, rendering the town's crops useless. Zorn still refused to leave the forest, still unconcerned about the farmers hardships. During a second visit from the man in black, Zorn threatened to have the man arrested. However, the mysterious man knocked Zorn out for several hours. Upon waking up, Zorn found himself in a cage. He was shocked to see the "man in black", who turned out to be a small red and yellow creature. The creature explained that the forest was actually a large trap, intended to find the one human in the world that no one else on the planet would miss. Confident that Zorn was that person, the creature took Zorn back to his home, which was in a different dimension, and entered Zorn into the dimension's zoo, presumably for life. [1]

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