Dargo Ktor was the last champion of Midgard. Wielding Mjolnir, he opposed the all-powerful techno-sorcerer and Thor's half-brother Loki.

At some point, he was left for dead by Loki in the ruins of Minneapolis, his wife killed. The walking cane that transforms into Mjolnir was taken by Loki and kept in Loki's stronghold trophy room.

Years later, Loki shock trooper Tannan Six was driven by his curiosity to take both the wooden cane and Captain America's Shield, and deserted.

He met Tatiana Maximoff, a fugitive from Loki, who told him about the Avengers. Aided by Hercules, Thaddeus Stark and Deva van Dyne, they reassembled the Avengers and went out in Minneapolis to found Dargo and convinced him to reclaim his mantle as Thor, causing Loki to fear for the future.


Seemingly those of Dargo Ktor (Earth-8710)#Powers.



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