Quote1 You forgot one important thing, Matador... Sometimes, even the bull may win! Quote2
-- Daredevil

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Elaganto is a talented former Spanish Matador that was so cruel to the bulls that the audience began to despise and boo him. During his final bullfight, the crowd distracted him and he was gored horribly by the bull. After recovery, he turned to being an evil thief by using his bull fighting skills and sword. In their first public encounter, the Matador defeats Daredevil, whose super senses are confused by fighting among a crowd of people in an enclosed room. In a rematch, Daredevil handily defeats Elaganto with his superior skill and strength. The Matador flees during the second battle and is exposed as a coward. Daredevil knocks him out and hands him over to the police.

Daredevil's chest insignia is changed to bear two D's instead of just one.

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