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Daredevil Vol 1 3


Daredevil Vol 1 3

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Quote1 You're a far more dangerous foe than I suspected, Daredevil... But I'm still your master! I'm heavier... more powerful... more cunning! And remember... we're fighting on my home grounds! Quote2
-- The Owl

Appearing in "The Owl, Ominous Overlord of Crime!"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Owl, Ominous Overlord of Crime!"Edit

The crooked businessman named the Owl has just been taken to court over tax fraud, and so he hires Nelson & Murdock to represent him. When Foggy initially turns him down, Matt takes the case instead. However, when the Owl doesn't show up for his court case, Murdock decides to investigate in his guise of Daredevil to find out what his wayward client is up to.

However, his search turns up dry and so he returns to work to sort out business, and send Karen home for the night. Later, leaving the office as Daredevil, Matt suddenly notices that there are people in the next office and realizes it's the Owl and some of his thugs. Daredevil battles them until Karen shows up to pick up her purse which she left behind. The Owl's men then grab Karen and hold her hostage.

Surrendering, Daredevil and Karen are taken to the Owl's Arie base, where Daredevil breaks loose and fights the Owl and his men once more. Chasing the Owl out of his own base, the Owl tries to escape in a boat but Daredevil attacks him there and knocks him overboard, where Daredevil believes that he's drowned.

Returning to shore, Daredevil switches to Matt Murdock and waits for the police to come and round up the crooks and free Karen.

  • In this issue, Daredevil develops a hood to store his civilian clothes in when in costume. This hood is later discarded in Daredevil #4, only one issue after its debut.
  • This issue is reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #23, Marvel Masterworks #17, and Essential Daredevil #1
  • Judge Lewis is not named in this issue. He will reappear in Daredevil #20.
  • credits:
    • Written with Raw Realism by: Stan Lee
    • Illustrated with Daring Drama by: Joe Orlando
    • Inked with Actual Artistry by: Vince Colletta
    • Lettered with Perfect Precision by: S. Rosen

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