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Quote1 Rompin' around town in a costume may not be the safest job of all -- but it has its good points -- at least, I don't have to squander my hard-earned shekels on cab fare! -- or worry about getting caught in traffic jams! Quote2
-- Daredevil

Appearing in "Stilt-Man Strikes Again"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Masked Marauder's Helicopter

Synopsis for "Stilt-Man Strikes Again"Edit

While posing as Mike Murdock, Matt accompanies Karen Page to the court trial against the villain Leap Frog, who is being defended by Foggy. However, during the case, Leap Frog makes an escape before Stilt-Man can free him, leading Matt to change into Daredevil and fight the two villains. During the battle, Stilt-Man explains that he was lost in the Microverse following his last battle with Daredevil but eventually returned to his home world to start a criminal career anew.

As the battle rages, the Masked Marauder breaks into the law office of Nelson & Murdock in order to find clues to the identity of Daredevil, unmasking himself the reader learns that the Marauder is really the Nelson & Murdock landlord Frank Farnum. Back at the fight between Daredevil and Stilt-Man, Daredevil manages to get the upper hand, knocking Stilt-Man over, however, he is rescued by the Masked Marauder in his civilian guise.

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