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Quote1 A wave of destruction. Nothingness. And out of nothingness will you outstretch your hand and take in that which needs you. Only then will the doors to the heavens open for you and your brothers. Quote2
--The Book of Worlds, Passage of The 11 (Translated from the Frti dialect)
[citation needed]

A zealous sect within the Skrull Empire adhering to prophecies foretelling the destruction of the Skrull Throneworld by Galactus and subsequent Annihilation Wave as signs that Earth would become the new homeworld for the Skrull species.[1]

Working concurrently with their sacred agenda, these Skrulls also planted long-range sleeper agents among Earth's superhuman community to create confusion while hiding in plain sight. Particularly, they wished revenge upon Tony Stark and Reed Richards for an incident years earlier. The duo had spearheaded a self-appointed group of Earth heroes (the "Illuminati") that traveled to Tarnax IV and let it be known that if future incursions persisted, the Skrulls would face swift and direct consequences.[2] Naturally, the Skrulls didn't took too kindly to this "affront" on their doorstep and scheming ensued...[3]

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