The peaceful Ozamans were attacked by the Tulkan Empire, a single-minded invasion force willing to extinguish entire civilizations in their hunt to destroy the Demonseed. Gorask 1223 was a scientist who viewed Earth through a breach in space, and conceived a plan to study these Ultras so that their abilities could be replicated in Ozaman volunteers to fight back against the Tulkan Empire. Gorask created a nanotech probe known as the Dar'u Sorrin (Ozaman for Maximum Energy Retriever), and sent it through the breach to Earth.

On Earth, the Dar'u Sorrin's scanners detected a closeted Ultra named Elizabeth King, with energy converting abilities. It latched onto her as the first "special" for its databanks, using King as a host body and shaping a mechanical shell in the form of an Ozaman around her. While seeking other Ultras, the probe confronted Amber Hunt and the Exiles. It's misfiring translation circuits left the Dar'u Sorrin unable to explain its purpose. When it attempted to identify itself as the MAXImum Energy Retriever, its speech center shorted out, leading the Exiles to name it "Maxis".


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