Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mindblast was selected for her impressive telekinetic abilities to join the Femme Fatales, a group of super-powered, female criminals.[1]

The most notable use of her powers were when she lifted an airplane that Spider-Man was on, ready to smash it to the ground. Spider-Man dodged her attack, and eventually knocked her out with a piece of the airplane. She went on to serve with the Femme Fatales, also joining Superia's Femizons for a short while.[2]

Mindblast was one of the few mutants left after Decimation. She was most recently seen allied with Hammerhead in his super-villain army.[3]

At some point, Mindblast and fellow Femme Fetale Bloodlust were imprisoned in the SHIELD-run, super-villain prison of Pleasant Hill. When the prisoners staged a takeover, Mindblast and Bloodlust were transformed into copies of SHIELD Director Maria Hill by the living Cosmic Cube Kobik in order to trick the Avengers and Avengers Unity Division into leaving Pleasant Hill. The plan failed. When the two villains tried to explain themselves, Kobik teleported the villains away.[4][5]

Mindblast and the Femme Fatales joined Viper and Sapphire Styx in Madripoor in setting up a trap for the X-Men, Domino, and Psylocke when they traveled to Madripoor to find clues in Wolverine's disappearance. Mindblast mentally disguised herself as Magneto and successfully lured the X-Men and their allies into the trap. She knocked out Storm and fought off Psylocke until she was subdued by Sapphire Styx.[6]


  • Telekinesis: She has demonstrated telekinetic. She can use it to fly and produce tractor beams that could move over 500 tons. However, her power was limited to a single beam.[1]
  • Telepathy: She has demonstrated telepathic power:
    • Telepathic Cloaking Mindblast can render herself undetectable to other telepaths, even ones as powerful as Psylocke.[6]
    • Telepathic Shielding: She can resist telepathy.[6]
    • Telepathic Illusions: Mindblast can create convincing telepathic illusions.[6]
    • Telepathic Strike: Mindblast can telepathically render someone unconscious in an instant.[6]


Mindblast is extremely skilled in using her powers, especially her telepathy. She was able to shield her mind from detection from Psylocke while at the same time fool Psylocke's allies into thinking that she was Magneto.[6]

Strength level

Can lift 500 tons with her mind. Her body strength is average human.

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