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Danielle Blunt, like the other members of the Bastards of Evil, was kidnapped by the Superior and exposed to Electromagnetic radiation, in the process giving her incredible superpowers. She was also subjected to 'personal narrative implants', causing false memories. Among these, she was led to believe that she had recently discovered that her true father was the supervillain Electro.

Taking on the codename of "Aftershock", she joined the the Bastards of Evil, believing in their mission of spreading wanton, purposeless destruction and terror. She was appointed to the post of field leader by the Superior, and showed a particular passion for villainy. She and Singularity regularly butted heads for the role of leader, eventually leading to her running through Singularity, which caused his true memories to be restored.

Aftershock, along with the remaining members of the Bastards of Evil, is currently being held in prison. She learned, both from Spider-Girl and Singularity's restored memories, about her true identity.

It appear that learning her true origin didn't change her ways as she returned to the life of evil.


Aftershock can generate and manipulate electricity. She has been depicted firing electric blasts, flying, assuming an electrical energy form (with which she can travel through electrical lines), and generating explosions powerful enough to toss a taxi into the air.

Due to Marvel's sliding timescale, any modern event is assumed to have taken place within the past ten to fifteen years. So though Electro is a long-established character, first appearing in 1964, it would be impossible for him to have a super-powered daughter in her late teens or early twenties, if he himself only got his powers ten continuity-years ago.

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