After his second tour in Iraq he had problems with his girlfriend who eventually left him and he couldn't find a job so he went for a third tour, now not caring to return alive. He describes Iraq as a yellowish brown spot on Earth with every thing on it dying. After a soldier named Wahl disappears, Danny's team gets a lead on him. Suddenly they walk into an ambush and all excluding Danny are killed. Danny finds Wahl, strung up by his ankles with his throat cut while devils feed upon human bodies and their leader is his uncle's enemy Belathauzer.He's rescued by Isaac Kaufman and his assistant Gabir and tells him he's the next Shagish Chultepi. Kaufman dies from serious injuries and Gabir escorts Danny to a cave where the Devil-Slayer apparatus are hidden. When getting out they confront an army of zombies and Danny succeeds in slashing them all. The Mercenary group called Bloodstone, led by Belathauzer warn the U.S army base that Danny killed all his soldiers and is now a deserter. When hearing this he phones his captain but he doesn't believe him. Suddenly the mercenaries attack their house and kill Gabir and Danny escapes.


Able to use the Sword of Naram-sin and wear Shemagh. Other mysterious powers of Shagish Chultepi


Army training.

Strength level

Normal human strength




He's equipped with a sword and other military weapons like guns, knifes, sniper rifles, bombs and some heavy artillery.

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