Dangor is an alien who lives on an unidentified world that exists in the Inniverse, a dimension that exists parallel to Earth's that is located by breaching the proper occupational frequency to allow passage between the distances between atoms and molecules that comprise of matter. He was a member of the Gem Guild, an upper class society that utilized "Gem-Talented" to utilize the power of gems that ring their planet. When a young orphan named Occulus was discovered to be a powerful Gem-Talented individual, Dangor saw personally to the boy's training. As it turned out Occulus was one such adept and incidentally the most powerful. Reaching the end of his studies, Occulus became the most powerful gem wielder of the realm. To cement his power, Occulus cut out his right eye and replaced it with a gem in which he could focus his power, he took Dangor as his advisor. After taking a wife named Landa, Occulus become a ruler of his world, he saved the people of their world but later became a tyrant. Wildblood meanwhile, became part of the resistance seeking to overthrow the rule of Occulus. [1] During one of his wife's protests, Occulus used his power to sear off her left hand. [2]

While on a mission to steal some gems, Wildblood witnessed as the hand belonging to the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic breached the barrier between worlds. When he was later found by the Gem Guild, he saw the hand pierce their realm again and used it to escape to Earth. There Wildblood battled it out with members of the Fantastic Four and was incapacitated. However, members of the Gem Guild followed Wildblood to Earth, and discovering that Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman's son Franklin was Gem-Talented, captured him, the Invisible Woman and Wildblood before returning to their own dimension. [3] Wildblood, Sue, and Franklin were brought before Occulus and it was here that Dangor revealed to his leader that the Richards child was an even more powerful adept at commanding the power of the gems. Although Occulus saw the boy as a threat, Dangor convinced his master to use the boy as a matrix to utilize the power of all the gems on their world. As Sue and Wildblood escaped captivity, the matrix was constructed. Sue came back for her son alone, battling against Occulus and almost won had it not been for Dangor threatening to slit her child's throat. This allowed Occulus to defeat her and activate the machine. [4]

Ultimately, the rest of the Fantastic Four arrived with Wildblood and his rebels and attacked Occulus. During this battle, Mister Fantastic attempted to overload Occulus with his Gemenervator device, but Occulus managed to destroy it before it could finish it's task, gaining absolute power. [1] Consumed with power, Occulus lashed out against his foes as well as his own people. This led to Landa betraying her husband to help the Fantastic Four defeat him. Utilizing the matrix device Occulus had created, Reed refitted it to emit a negative charge that send Occulus rapidly flying out of orbit and into space. With Occulus defeated, he was left in the custody of Wildblood and his rebels. [2]

The subsequent fate of Dangor is unknown at this time.

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