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Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 9 page 02 Dan Rubinstein (Earth-1610)

Along with the other Enforcers, Fancy Dan was seen as an employee of the Kingpin, a criminal who controlled most of the crime in New York. After losing twice to Spider-Man, the Enforcers supposedly disbanded. Much later, they came back together to work for Hammerhead. This pitted them directly against their former employer.


Dan is highly skilled in judo and karate.

Strength level

Normal human male with intensive regular exercise.


Gold-alloyed handguns.

  • While working for the Kingpin, Fancy Dan reveals to his Enforcer companions that he used to work at a McDonald restaurant when he was in high school and has a grudge against that restaurant, much to the rest of the Enforcers' amusement.[1]

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