Dan Hurley was a private detective who employed Betty Barstow in the 1940's. One night, while Hurley and Barstow were working late, Dan would get a frantic phone call from Greggs Hansen the caretaker at Woodline Cemetery. Hansen would be convinced that the cemetery was haunted by ghosts, however Dan would not be convinced and would wearily hang up on the old man. Betty however would not be convinced and her employers apathy to Hansen's claims would lead to her becoming the costumed heroine known as the Silver Scorpion. As the Silver Scorpion, Betty would reveal that the "ghosts" were really counterfeiters that were operating in secret from the cemetery. After their capture, Dan would be impressed by the Silver Scorpions capture, unaware that she was in reality his own secretary.


Was presumably an expert detective.


His abilities as a detective would sometimes be clouded by his perceptions of people calling for his aid. He was also incapable of deducing that his secretary was the Silver Scorpion.

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