Dan Harper was travelling on a ship which sank in the Pacific. The rest of the crew and passengers escaped in lifeboats but Dan ended up clinging to a piece of driftwood and was washed up days later on an isolated island where he encountered a beautiful woman who begged him to help her open a box which she claimed contained her fortune. Dan levered the box open, only to learn that the woman was Pandora and in opening her box, he had freed a creature which she intended to use to conquer the Earth.

Dan fortunately was able to escape to Australia and returned with the authorities, bearing mirrors which they erected around Pandora while she slept. The mirrors destroyed Pandora's illusion of beauty and revealed her true age and appearance, a sight which she could not bear. Pandora agreed to imprison her creature once more in return for the removal of the mirrors, and Dan and the Australian authorities left her on her island, taking the box with them in order to bury it where it would never be found.

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