Damek is in some way related to the villain Dreamkiller, a sometime foe of Darkhawk. In the 2099 Universe, Damek is given the misconception that Dreamkiller was a hero in his time, and Darkhawk (or, as he is known in the 2099 Universe, The Powell) murdered him. Damek is sent through time to team up with Dreamkiller and kill Darkhawk, but upon his arrival he discovered that Darkhawk was in fact the hero. After discovering how he was manipulated, he teamed up with DH to defeat Dreamkiller.

At this point, a time portal opened, inviting him back to his own time, but he declined to go. He preferred to stay within the present-day universe, and try to figure out what to do next.[1] In that role, he once more teamed up with superheroes, this time Spider-Man, Nova, Speedball, and Savage Steel in an attack on a Mahari space cruiser, to little effect. It is unknown what has become of Damek since he last worked with Darkhawk and those other heroes.[2]


Earth Staff: Allows Damek to manipulate rock, ground, etc. It also allows him to fly, using only reshaped pieces of ground as support.


  • Darkhawk Annual #3, # 50
  • Damek comes from the Marvel 2099 Universe, in which Darkhawk is known as "the most feared, and powerful hero of his time... The Powell"

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