Dame Kackle was a Nazi operative who would smuggle individuals into the United States. While attempting to smuggle Japanese spies into New York in 1941, one of her men tossed a dead spy overboard. This would be spotted by US Marine Don Stevens (Secretly the Defender) and his boy sidekick Rusty. When they boarded Kackle's ship to demand answers Kackle and her crew denied seeing any Japanese in the past few months.

Stevens and Rusty would change into their costumed identities and confront Kackle and her minions, discovering the truth. In the course of the battle, Kackel jumped overboard, leaving her men to be captured. She disappeared below the waves. Given her experience at sea, it seems unlikely she drowned. Her current activities are unknown.


Kackle was an expert ship captain and human smuggler. She was a capable fighter.


Kackle traveled the oceans in her own sailing ship.


Kackle used a cat-of-nine-tails as her primary weapon.

Dame Kackle could not stop cackling whenever she spoke.

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