Quote1 Luke, what do you mean by sending me this money all torn in half? Give me the rest of it right away! Quote2
-- Dalton Wells src

Dalton Wells was the banker in Placer City, California.[1] Seeking to get his mortgagors ranches, he hired a gang of outlaws to rob the ranchers and set their homes ablaze. This plot was eventually discovered by the Texas Kid who happened to be at the location of the arsonists latest attack but was unable to save the life of rancher Benito Thompson. Learning that all the properties attacked where paid for by mortgages loaned out by Wells, the Texas Kid stole the loot taken by the raiders and attempted to trick Wells into implicating himself by asking C.E.Humboldt, one of the other mortgagor targeted by gang of Wells, to toss a false note into Placer City bank with half of the stolen loot.

Sure enough, Wells went to check on his men to see what they were up to. The Texas Kid clashed with them, keeping them busy long enough for the sheriff to come and arrest them all.[2]


None, base-line human.

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