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Little is known about Specter's past. When his powers first manifested, Dallas accidentally scared his grandfather causing him to have a heart attack.[1] Afterward, Dallas was enrolled at the Xavier Institute.[2]

Dallas Gibson (Earth-616) 002

Dallas choosing his codename

Xavier Institute

Originally Emma Frost was assigned as Dallas' mentor. Like the other Hellions, Emma allowed Dallas to choose his codename, Specter.[2]

Corsairs Squad (Earth-616)

Dallas with the Corsairs

When the Xavier Institute began the training squad system, Mark was placed in the Paragons Squad with Wolfsbane as his advisor.[3] Later for unclear reasons, Specter and DJ switch squads, and Specter become part of the Corsairs under Cyclops.[4]

Specter sad

Specter losing his powers


Specter was one of the many mutants to loose their powers on M-Day.[5][6] The depowered students of the Xavier Institute were asked to leave the school, but the bus carrying several depowered students was attacked by one of William Stryker's Purifiers.[7] Dallas; however, departed from the Institute early, and is currently living with his grandparents.


Currently none. Specter was a mutant, but lost his mutant powers due to the effects of M-Day. His former powers included:

  • Shadow Form: Specter possessed the mutant power of Darkforce Manipulation. Specifically he had the ability to physically merge his body with his shadow. Once done he looked darker in appearance, sometimes black or shadowy looking. In this state he is suped up. It basically granted him a number of super human traits including:
    • Enhanced Strength: Though untested, Specter exhibited extremely increased levels of strength.[4]
    • Enhanced Speed: Though untested in, shadow form, Specter exhibited level of speed, beyond that of the most highly trained athlete.[4]
    • Increased Durability: While in shadow form, Specter is able to sustain more damage then he would be able to in otherwise.
    • Night Vision: Specter's eyes allow him to see in complete darkness, while in shadow form.
    • Immunity to Darkness-Based Attacks: While merged with his shadow, Specter is a being of darkness. As such he is immune to attacks that are darkness in origin. It remains to be seen if he, in reverse, would gain strength from darkness attacks. If he would be more easily controlled by those that, too, have the ability to manipulate darkness, since in his new form that is his status.
    • Flight: It's been speculated he would the ability to fly, though this power has never been recorded.

Specter's increased attributes would only have increase exponentially with both time and experience.



His shadow-based power's work strongest during the day time when it would be most visible. Similar to the solar-mutant Sunspot, at night his strength level's are dramatically reduced.

Additionally, Dallas is only able to be merged with his shadow for limited times. Extended lengths of time run this risk of him succumbing to darkness and becoming evil. As it is while merged he takes on a slightly darker persona but it controllable at first, eventually it takes over his personality.



  • A boy with short blond hair much like Dallas's was seen on the bus that was blown up by William Stryker and his followers. However, he has been stated to be alive during interviews with Chris Yost.

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