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The DC Universe is a parallel multiverse within the larger omniverse. Its primordial universe was briefly combined with the Earth-616 reality to form the Amalgam Universe. Citizens native to that reality sometimes refer to their primordial universe as the "New Earth" universe.

The Avengers met a Squadron Supreme-like group called the Justice League of America from this universe during an adventure involving the Grandmaster.

It should not be confused with Earth-Crossover or Earth-74425, in which counterparts to both DC and 616 individuals coexist; or with Earth-9047, in which parodic counterparts to both DC and 616 individuals coexist apparently in different pocket dimensions.

Key Historical Events:


The planet Earth of this universe has the following characteristics:

Equatorial 12,756.270 km
Polar 12,713.500 km
Mean 12,745.591 km


Equatorial: 40,075.004 km
Meridional: 40,007.849 km
Mean: 40,041.455 km

Surface area:

Land: 148,939,063.133 km² (29.2 %)
Water: 361,126,221.569 km² (70.8 %)
Volume: 1.0832×1012 km
Mass: 5.9736×1024 kg
Density:5,515 kg/m³
Equatorial surface: 9.7801 m/s²
Gravity: (0.997 32 g)

New Earth

  • The DC Earth is slightly larger than the Earth native to this reality.[2]
  • The DC Earth has more cities and more urban growth, at least on the east coast of the United States.[3]
  • Hero worship is common, with some museums being devoted to heroes.
  • In contrast to the mutants that are commonly persecuted by the human populace in the Marvel Universes, many mutants (commonly referred to as meta-humans) in the DC universes are generally accepted by the public.
  • On this Earth, Hercules raped Hippolyta.[4]
  • After numerous cosmic upheavals, the multiverse this Earth inhabits is currently made up of infinite universes, at least two of which--Earth 7 and Earth 8--are noticeably similar to in the Marvel Multiverse, particularly Earths 1610/2149 and Earth-616 respectively.


  • Although Spider-Man and Superman had "met" in previous crossovers, they were part of a separate continuity. The events of Avengers/JLA are thought to be in continuity for Earth-616 and New Earth, as the Krona egg created at the end of the event was shown in a subsequent JLA adventure. Of course, characters from neither company can be shown thinking too clearly about the crossovers, as it would likely be a copyright violation.
  • Numerous figures and settings in the Marvel Multiverse have mimicked aspects seen in this otherwise separate multiverse. This includes both Hyperion and the Sentry's conspicuous resemblance to the main hero of this Earth, the solar-powered alien "Superman", as well as teams like the Squadron Supreme paralleling gatherings in this universe such as this Earth's premiere defensive force, the Justice League (a comparison drawn by Hawkeye), and entire universes such as Earth-31916 (with its own variant version of the Squadron) and Earth-4290001 (guarded by the Great Society) that mirror it.
  • DC Comics (or at least television series based off them) are apparently published in the Marvel Universe. During the first story arch of Runaways the characters referenced the Smallville TV series and later explicitly compared the entrance to the original Hostel (Bronson Canyon) to that of the Batcave in the Adam West Batman show.

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