Yson belongs to a race known as the Ganalonians, who for centuries fought against a race of cyborgs, driving them to hatred of all things mechanical. While Yson is a mutant of his race that did not stop him from joining the army and killing countless mechanical beings. It was this creature that eventually capture him and place under examination to see if they could perhaps further elevate themselves by using organics. Knowing that his race's secret was in danger, he faked being insane, allowing enough time for him to study the mechanical beings. However this yielded no result, and eventually Yson was driven mad, losing all hope in the process. So when Dead Head II showed up to assimilate him, he was more than happy to be free of his constant torture.

Years later within a mission to cure the plague Perfection that was turning people into steel Dead Head II was hit with purging program that was making his personalities resurface knowing the danger of it but also knowing the enemies would soon overwhelm them he allowed Yson to take over as he was the only one who fought them before. While Yson did fight them he later ran into a room which allowed him to re-create his body therefore gaining new chance at life.

As expect from man driving mad he was now after blood and worse of it all his mechanical-phobia had only increase by his stay inside Dead Head II.


Capable of cutting through space in order to teleport


A large blade equipped to his left arm

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