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Cytorrak participated in the Octessence. The collapse of his temple is assumed to be the reason why the other Exemplars did not emerge after Cain Marko became the Juggernaut.

Crimson Dawn

Cytorrak does not have any known connection to the Crimson Dawn other than his history with Gomurr and Tar.

War of the Seven Spheres

Cyttorak was one of many beings who tried to recruit Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange).


There's a new Juggernaut in town

Fear Itself

When the Juggernaut was transformed into Kuurth, Cyttorak believed he finally started acting as Cyttorak had always wished him to. However, Kuurth served the Serpent, not Cyttorak. Magik revealed this to the crimson being, who became enraged, and offered him to chose a new avatar, so Cyttorak took his power back from Marko. Magik intended to become the new avatar herself, but Colossus intercepted, becoming the new Juggernaut instead, much to the displeasure of Kitty Pryde, Piotr's girlfriend at the time.

Favorite Avatar

After becoming the host of the Phoenix Force, Colossus asked Cyttorak to release him just as he did with Cain when he began serving another. Cyttorak refused, stating that Colossus was his favorite avatar in thousands of years because he engaged in destructive battles constantly, while Cain as a villain would spend most of time hiding from heroes and only provided short bursts of destruction and stated that the Phoenix Force itself is a force of destruction which make their goals similar to one another. Cyttorak gave his blessing to his avatar to keep doing what he do. Colossus tried to force Cyttorak to release him by using the Phoenix Force, but Cyttorak stated that within their own realms demon lords were outside of the natural order, and merely returned Colossus to Earth.

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Cytorrak has formed a number of elves which serve him.

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