Formerly a pilot, Cylla agreed to help Banshee and Forge in finding their missing teammates, but the plane was shot down by Fenris.[1] Fatally injured, Cylla was rushed to a hospital and was invited by Donald Pierce to join him in exchange for her health. She agreed and become a cyborg, joining Pierce's Reavers.[2]


Though she was replacing the original Skullbuster, Cylla mainly went by her real name. Her first mission brought her into contact with Wolverine, and she was defeated through the combined efforts of Jubilee and Yukio.[3] After the supposed deaths of the other Reavers, Cylla and Lady Deathstrike fled.[4] Cylla later resurfaced, allying herself with Bloodscream in an attempt to murder Wolverine. However, Bloodscream betrayed her and sucked the life from her, killing her.[5]

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