Not much is known about the planet Cygni. It was first discovered in the 1940's by Earth scientist Professor Regean Lexico who would erroneously categorize the planet as a star. He would determine that it was a source of a unique compound he dubbed "Star Dust" that would be a more powerful and plentiful replacement to radium for an energy source. With his daughter Tesi, he would stow away aboard Zephyr Jones' rocket and convince him to forestall his trip to Mars in favor of travelling to Cygni instead.

The planet Cygni is home of the dwarfish Cygnians, a primitive culture of underground dwellers who do not have any describable language. The planet is surprisingly Earth-like with lush flora, however it's atmosphere is harmful to humans unless they are doused in a chemical created by Dr. Lexico.

Following Lexico's successful mission to collect 50 pounds of "Star Dust", the planet has not been visited since.



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