Power Broker

Power Broker

Curiss Jackson was formerly the West Division leader of the Corporation. Captain America, Marvel Man, and the Hulk defeated the Corporation's sinister plot. As an agent of the Corporation, Jackson allied himself with Eugene Stivak and the faux Super-Shield agent the Vamp.

Later, Jackson emerged as the "Power Broker" imparting super-powers to individuals who paid his price for augmentation. Unfortunately for some of his subjects, many became deformed freaks during the process.

When he was targeted by the Scourge of the Underworld organization, Jackson desperately underwent the augmentation process himself for protection, but was turned into a deformed freak who couldn't move without the use of a mechanized exoskeleton.

It is possible that he was killed by the Punisher, as his body was seen lying in the Punisher's base of operations, where he was surgically removing a chip in Jackson's arm.[2]

  • Jackson is a noted enemy of Captain America, the Hulk, USAgent and others.

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