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History of location is unknown.

Points of Interest


  • Abe Cabot
  • Chester Cabot
  • Danny (last name unknown)
  • Elizabeth Guthrie
  • Grandma Cabot (first name unknown)
  • Jason (last name unknown)
  • Jebediah Guthrie
  • Joelle Guthrie
  • Joshua Guthrie
  • Julia Cabot
  • Lewis Guthrie
  • Lucas Guthrie
  • Lucinda Guthrie
  • Manuelo (last name unknown)
  • Melody Guthrie
  • Paige Guthrie
  • Ray Sr.
  • Ray Guthrie Jr.
  • Rosalinda Aguilar
  • Samuel Guthrie
  • Sheriff Pete
  • Thomas Zebulon Guthrie


  • No special notes.


  • No trivia.

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