Culver University is a university situated in Willowdale, Virginia, with another campus in West Virginia. It has extensive resources devoted to scientific research and has been linked to a number of high profile scientists.

The history of Culver University was unremarkable until a new "Super Soldier" program was revived under the direction of General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. A talented university researcher by the name of Bruce Banner formulated an experimental serum in an attempt to recreate the effects of a similar substance that had successfully augmented a man years earlier. Banner was so certain of his formula, as a barrier against the harmful effects of radiation, that he tested it on himself in conjunction with an intense dose of gamma radiation. The experiment had drastic unintended side effects however, which resulted serious injuries to some researchers, and some significant damage to facilities and equipment. Banner himself fled in the wake of the incident.

Culver University was brought into the public eye years later when the now-fugitive Bruce Banner gained entry to the campus research facility in an attempt to reacquire some of his old research data. Acting on a tip-off, General Ross also arrived on the scene, with a number of advanced military assets at his command, and trapped the scientist in a university sky bridge. Banner's rising anger then tripped the mutations that the serum and gamma radiation had infused him with years earlier, causing him to transform into a monstrous green parody of humanity that attacked and routed the assembled military. The entire incident was caught by university journalism student Jack McGee, who was quick to dub the monster as a "Hulk".[1]





  • Culver University first appears in The Incredible Hulk. It also makes an appearance in multiple episodes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is mentioned in Thor and numerous viral marketing campaigns that feature characters from other corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, effectively providing one of the many subtle links that tie elements of the brand into one cohesive universe.


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