Crule's origins are unknown, though it was believed he was originated from northern Africa.[2]

He was an ancient berzerker, being dressed like a barbarian and invoking Ishtar[3] and Mitra.[4] He lived for centuries.[2]

An immortal mutant, he joined his peers of the sub-race known as the Externals. Crule was the meanest and maddest of them all.[2]

World War II

During World War II, he worked in a concentration camp, happily operating a gas chamber.[2]

Modern days

Crule was sent by Gideon to attack X-Force after they rescued Sunspot. However, he was blasted out of X-Force's ship by Rictor and fell a few thousand feet, which put him in a body cast.[5]

When The Externals kidnapped some of X-Force and were holding them for ransom, X-Force sneaked into Crule's hospital room and abducted him. He was actually happy to help the team "humble" his fellow immortals, and gave them the location of the Externals' hideout and their weaknesses.[4]

Crule was killed by Selene in a final battle between the Externals.[6]


Crule has superhuman strength (lifting 13 tons),[2] durability,[2] lifespan,[2] speed,[citation needed] agility,[citation needed] reflexes,[citation needed] coordination,[citation needed] fangs and claws.[2]


He had centuries of experience in many forms of armed and unarmed combat.[2]

Strength level

Can lift 13 tons.[2]


Gauntlet-covered claws

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