Little is know about the outlaw known as Crow Kessler, including his real name. As an adult, Kessler rode as second-in-command to Twist Staley in the Rustlers' Roost Gang. Kessler was present with the gang when they successfully rustled the Lazy S Ranch's herd of cattle, and was also present when the gang was ambushed while trying to rustle the Bar 3 Ranch's herd.

After the botching of the Bar 3 job, Kessler expressed displeasure with Staley's leadership. Staley then challenged Kessler to a duel, with the survivor to lead the gang. However, before they could commence, U.S. Marshal Sandy Sandlin ambushed the gang at their hideout. After shooting gang member Little Augie dead, Sandlin took the remaining gang members, including Kessler, into custody. Kessler, along with the rest of the gang, were then sentenced to death by hanging.[1]





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