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Crotus was a demon from Limbo, and a servant of N'Astirh. When the demons N'Astirh and S'ym jointly opened a permanent portal from Earth to Limbo, Crotus came to New York. Crotus happened to come across Rachel Summers, who happened to have been transformed into a mannequin at the time. Crotus hoped to marry Rachel in order to bind the power of the Phoenix Force to his will. The ceremony was prevented by Rachel's Excalibur teammate Nightcrawler. Rachel was restored to her normal self while Crotus went back to N'Astirh begging to be taken back in.[1]


Similar to N'Astirh, Crotus has magical abilities but uniquely he is able to use his legs to jump higher than any normal human being and maintain the ability to make short teleportation jumps.

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