Crooked Knife was a Native American from the Utabi Tribe who lived during the days of the American Frontier. He was in love with the chief's daughter Pale Mist and fought bitterly against the rival Shawmis tribe. Soon the chief agreed on a marriage between Pale Mist and the Shawmis' greatest warrior Bright Eagle, in order to foster peace between the two tribes.

Crooked Knife, jealous of this paring attempted to stop the union by trying to remind the chief of all the years of bloodshed and death at the hands of the Shawmis. This protests fell on deaf ears and so Crooked Knife attempted another means of winning Pale Mist. Rallying the aid of other members of the Utabi Tribe who were had family killed by the Shawmis, they disguised themselves as their rivals and attacked the escort bringing Pale Mist to the Shawmis village. The envoy was slaughtered but Crooked Knife was recognized by Pale Mist who then tried to flee. Crooked Knife and his men chased after her but crossed paths with the western hero Black Rider who sent them fleeing.

Crooked Knife attempted to use this to his advantage, returning the village and informing the chief that the Black Rider had kidnapped Pale Mist. This also got back to the Shawmis who both went on the warpath against the Black Rider. However the hero managed to escape and put Pale Mist in a safe place. Changing into his alter ego of doctor Matthew Masters, the Black Rider then went to the Utabi village where the chief and Bright Eagle waited for the war paths return. There he convinced them that Crooked Knife was responsible for everything and the trio set a trap for the renegade.

Putting a dummy of Bright Eagle in a nearby teepee, they spoke of a phony illness that Bright Eagle was suffering within earshot of Crooked Knife. When Crooked Knife attempted to assassinate Bright Eagle, he was caught in the act. The real Bright Eagle then battled Crooked Knife to the death, killing him. With Crooked Knife dead, Pale Mist was returned and the two tribes were united in marriage.[1]


Crooked Knife rode a horse.


Crooked Knife used daggers and a bow and arrow.

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