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Previous Generation

Zebadiah Creed + Victoria Creed

Victor Creed
Luther Creed
Saul Creed
Clara Creed

Alternate Reality Previous Generation

Jebediah Creed + unknown
Graydon Creed, Sr.

Earth-161 Earth-TRN237
unknown + unknown + unknown
Victor Creed
Victor Creed's clone
Victor Creed
Victor Creed's clone

Current Generation

Victor Creed + Raven Darkholme
Graydon Creed

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-161 Earth-295 Earth-295 Earth-13035 Earth-80911 Earth-92131
Victor "Sabretooth" Creed
aka Graydon Creed Sr.
+ unknown Raven Darkholme (adopted) + Holly Bright + Elizabeth Braddock + Raven Darkholme
Logan Graydon Creed Clarice Ferguson
David Richards
unnamed son
unnamed daughter
Brian Creed

Celia Creed

William Creed
Graydon Creed, Jr.

Alternate Reality Future Generation

Horror Show + Jean Grey

Wolverine a.k.a. James "Logan" Howlett

Victor Creed's relationship to Wolverine varies from reality to reality. On Earth-10005 he is Logan's half brother although in Earth-616 he is much younger than Wolverine and Dog Logan (Earth-616) is Wolverine's half-brother. On Earth-1610 Victor Creed is Logan's putative son. While on Earth-161 the reverse is true; Victor Creed is Logan's father. On Earth-77013 Victor Creed calls Wolverine "baby brother".

Family Tree

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