An alien from a planet called Krogarr contacted a financially irresponsible Earthman named Joe Hansen through his TV set and offered to make him famous if he will just make a few adjustments to the TV and allow his body to pass from the alien's planet to Earth, tricking him in doing it. Once done, the alien revealed his hostility, seizing Joe and traveling back to his home planet, intending to use the man as his proof that the method of travel worked and put in a call to his superiors, then kill him and draw plans to invade Earth.

As they came to see the human, Joe faded away just before the superiors arrived. Angered, they killed the inventor and destroyed his machine, assuming it worthless. It turned out that Joe had neglected to pay the electric bill and the power to the TV set was shut off, thus saving all of Earth.[1]

The creature survived his superiors assassination attempt when it turned out alive upon being summoned by Kei Kawade's power, it was summoned alongside a horde of other giant monsters to help in the battle against the Leviathon Tide who were trying to conquer planet Earth. After helping defeat the first wave of Leviathons, Kawade's power dissipated from the various monsters and they were presumably sent back to where they were before the summoning.[2]

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