Little is known about the history of Singaporean mutant Crawler. He was first seen with a group of mutants send by Light to help a fugitive Magneto escape a group of assassins sent by the government to kill him. There it was revealed that Crawler was part of a big group of mutants from Singapore that lived together to protect each other from the attacks of mankind. Magneto's presence led the assassins to the Mutant Underground of Singapore hideout; Crawler was part of the group that managed to escape the killing and he fled to a new location inside an abandoned ship.

After Magneto left the group accepting to be judged by his past crimes, the headquarters of the Singaporean mutants was discovered by anti-mutant radical groups which intended to kill every mutant they found. The killing decimated the group of mutants but Crawler survived the attack, although he was severely injured. Later he was found by Captain Marvel and told her what happened. After The Avenger left, Crawler's wounds were attended by The Light.

The activities of Crawler after this event remain unknown.


Adhesion: Crawler had the mutant ability to be able to adhere to surfaces and scale walls with ease.

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