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Craig Talbot

Craig Talbot was an German-American actor that was active in the 1940's. Of German lineage he would join up with one of the many German Pro-Nazi Bund that were active across the United States at the time. In 1941, movie producer Mark Carstine would seek to make an anti-Nazi film. Set in the middle ages, it was to be a metaphor for the struggles between democracies and dictatorships. The film was to be called "The Tyrant" and among the cast would include Craig Talbot, Carol Young, and horror actor Goris Barloff. As shooting was taking place near Camp Lehigh, the troops stationed there were offered and granted permission to play as extras, including Steve Rogers, and James Barnes (Secretly Captain America and Bucky).

Upon hearing that "The Tyrant" was going to be an anti-Nazi film, Talbot would disguise himself as Barloff's famous movie monster the Hunchback and would threaten Carstine to cease production. Carstine would refuse to bow down to threats and would attempt to call the authorities, only to be killed by Talbot in his Hunchback guise. However despite the death of Carstine, the production would continue.

On the set the next day, Talbot would note that Carol taking an interest in Steve Rogers, who had been casted as a knight. Sneaking off set to change into the Hunchback, he would have one of his accomplices attempt to kill Rogers, but he would miss and strike another actor instead. Changing into Captain America and Bucky, Rogers and Barnes would capture the killer archer, only for the Hunchback to kill him with a spear before he could tell them anything.

Changing out of his costume Talbot would attempt to frame Barloff for the murder, however before detective Hawkshaw Brogan could arrest Barloff, McAllister the producer would help him escape. Madly jealous of Carol's apparent lack of interest in him, Talbot would dress up as the Hunchback again and attempt to murder her in her dressing room, however he would be chased off by Cap and Bucky.

In one final attempt to halt production, Talbot would lock himself within the movie sets castle and stop anyone attempting to enter it. Captain America and Bucky would sneak into the castle and give the Hunchback a chase. When Talbot would attempt to lose the heroes by removing his costume, Captain America would realize that Talbot was the Hunchback. Sword fighting with Captain America, Talbot would explain everything, and be swiftly defeated and turned over to the authorities to confess his crimes.




As the Hunchback, Craig Talbot wore a costume that made him appear as though he had a hunchback and make-up to disguise his face.


At one point the Hunchback used a spear.

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