Craig Saunders Jr had been an Army officer, specializing in explosive ordinance disposal. His career had been very good until one day he had been traveling in a busy airport in a big city, when he saw terrorists plant a bomb, making it look like a carelessly unattended briefcase. He was eventually recruited into the Hulkbusters by Bruce Banner to hunt down a now mindless Hulk, vowing to find a way to redeem himself of his failings doggedly hunted the Hulk , and forming a friendship with fellow teammate Sam LaRoquette. After Bruce Banner re-merged with the Hulk when he learned that the separation caused cellular degeneration, Craig found himself Hunting a New Hulk caused by an insane General Ross due to his interference in the nutrient bath process. After Rick returned to normal the Hulkbusters begin hunting the new gray Hulk, after being recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D as an advisor alongside LaRoquette, where they were manipulated by the enhanced Leader into becoming his brainwashed pawn along with LaRoquette becoming Rock and Redeemer. After being attacked by the Hulk while guarding the Leaders stolen gamma bomb, the latter killed Saunders, by throwing him on rock spikes.


Craig Saunders Jr. was a distinguished demolitions expert.


As a Hulkbuster, Saunders had access to advanced technology such as battlesuits, planes and large land vehicles outfitted with weapons powerful enough to threaten the Hulk. As Redeemer he wore an armored mechanical battlesuit that granted him enhanced human strength and durability.


He wielded a variety of powerful guns, rocket launchers and energy cannons.

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