The Cracksmith was an expert safe cracker and criminal who was active in the 1940s. In 1945 he broke into a small town bank and instead of stealing money, left 10 grand and a cryptic note to the banks owner. Sure enough, when security reported the incident to the owner of the bank, he pocketed the money (giving a portion of it to his night watchman to keep him quiet) and returned home. However, the incident attracted the attention of reporter Jeff Mace.

Later when the banker returned home, he found the Cracksmith waiting there for him and suggested that they work together on a large heist of the bank. When the bank owner ordered a shipment of a quarter million to be placed in the bank, the Cracksmith was about to betray the banker and rob the bank alone when Jeff Mace's alter ego the Patriot appeared to arrest both men. The Cracksmith stabbed the banker and his men managed to knock out the Patriot by breaking a chair over his head.

Taking the Patriot to the bank, the Cracksmith intended to seal the hero in the vault to suffocate overnight. Despite being tied up, the Patriot managed to rush past the Cracksmith and his men and close the vault door trapping them instead until the authorities arrived.

The ultimate fate of the Cracksmith is unknown.


The Cracksmith was an expert at cracking safes and bank vaults.


The Cracksmith was armed with a knife.

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