Courtney Duran goes to Midtown High School with May Parker, a/k/a Spider Girl. They are best friends. They became best friends when May was in the second grade and a boy was teasing May and so Courtney bit the boy and they were best friends ever since. Courtney is part of the science club and this was mentioned in the first issue of Spider Girl. In the beginning issues she was only good friends with May and Jimmy Yama. She was a geek but no one ever teased her. Moose Mansfield became her boyfriend when he thought she was Spider Girl. But May convinced him that Courtney was not Spider-Girl and Moose stopped thinking that she was Spider Girl but they are still boyfriend and girlfriend even though she is not Spider-Girl. Courtney became more popular once she started dating Moose Mansfield and she became better friends with Brad Miller, Moose's best friend and a football player, and Davida Kirby, who is popular and on the basketball team. Things took another bad swing when Court came in-between Howard Kavanagh and Sandra Healy when she tried to protect Sandra. Howard beat both Courtney and Sandra though he beat Sandra a lot worse. Courtney was taken to the hospital with Sandra even though Courtney's injuries were not as sever. Moose completely outraged went after Howard before he finally tracked him down to the park where May Parker had just disarmed him. Moose starting hitting Howard endlessly before May talked him down. Courtney has recently returned to school. Things between Courtney and Moose have hit a snag following Moose's hospitalzation as Moose seems to take more comfort from May than Courtney. Courtney and Moose's relationship has been strain of late with Moose unable to see Courtney do to his distance from her. The two eventually resolved things when Moose realized his smear campaign against Spider-Girl wouldn't be what his father wanted. It was recently revealed that Courtney and Davida Kirby are both aware that May is Spider-Girl and have kept her secret for some time.


None, human.

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