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The High Evolutionary created the first version of Counter-Earth as a purer version of Marvel Earth. As in so many myths, however, an evil force (in the person of the Man-Beast) jogged his elbow. Counter-Earth turned out to be a lot like the original, except that there were no super-heroes. Dismayed, the High Evolutionary sent Warlock to his world to straighten it out.[1]

The High Evolutionary placed Counter-Earth a micro-second out of dimensional synch to hide it from Earth. Counter Earth was eventually stolen by the alien Sphinxor, on the orders of a fantastically powerful alien race called the Beyonders, who placed it in a museum.[2] When fighting against They, Warlock discovered that Thanos destroyed Counter-Earth when he had the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession.[3]

Under unknown circumstances, Counter-Earth resurfaced, now exclusively inhabited by the New Men.[4]




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